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Civil Imaging

Civil Division Imaging

On August 1, 2011, SDSC implemented an Electronic Filing and Imaging Pilot Program (“Imaging Program”), in which many cases are now imaged by the court. Cases in the “Imaging Program” in which the court received paper documents that were scanned and imaged (and the original paper document destroyed 30-days after imaging) were identified by adding the word “Imaged” to the case titles. E-filed documents will only be maintained electronically by the court and will bear the word “Imaged” at the end of the case title.

Please be advised that if the case was filed before 2011 or after, this does not necessarily mean that the entire case contents are imaged or that images are now available on the court’s public Register of Actions (ROA). To verify whether a case is imaged, please contact the court branch where your case is currently housed.

Electronic Filing and Imaging General Order

Civil Court Case Imaging FAQs