Probate Division e-Filing

Effective April 15, 2021, pursuant to the General Order of the Presiding Department: In Re Procedures Regarding Electronically Imaged Court Records, Electronic Filing, and Access to Electronic Court Records in Civil and Probate Cases, all filings submitted by attorneys for represented parties in all Probate case types must be submitted electronically through one of the court’s approved e-Filing service providers (EFSPs), with exceptions for specific documents.

E-Filers are required to comply with the e-Filing filing requirements listed in Electronic Filing Requirements (Probate) (SDSC Form # PR-188). This form also contains the list of documents that are ineligible for e-Filing. Self-represented litigants are not required to e-File, but are strongly encouraged to participate voluntarily.

Link to e-Filing

Visit the Odyssey eFileCA website to begin e-Filing documents.

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