San Diego Superior Court Announces a New Look for its Jury Summons

Postcard summons will replace paper summons mailed in envelopes

Jun 08, 2023
Sample Jury Summons

The San Diego Superior Court has announced the transition of its jury summons mailings from full sheet of paper mailings in envelopes to a postcard mailing, starting with jurors summoned to the Central Courthouse.

The new postcards will begin arriving in mailboxes in mid-June for jurors summoned to the Central Courthouse for the week of July 24 and beyond. The transition to the new format for jurors summoned to the North, South and East County courthouses will change over later this year.

The new postcard summons is projected to be more cost effective and produce less waste in the mailings. Additional benefits include a quicker check-in process at the courthouses and a more efficient orientation for summoned jurors who have been able to complete pre-screening online.

“The court’s jury duty summons has had the same look for decades, so we want to alert the public to the change in appearance of the summons and the improvement this will bring to their juror experience,” said Presiding Judge Michael T. Smyth. “We want all San Diegans to keep an eye on their mailboxes for the new postcards which, with other improvements we have planned, should make it easier for them to fulfill their civic duty when summoned to serve.”

Scanning the QR code with a smartphone camera or using a web browser to visit the link printed on the postcard ( will take summoned jurors to an enhanced juror portal where jurors can fill out an online juror questionnaire, request a postponement or request excusal. Jury services staff are also available to assist summoned jurors over the phone Monday – Thursday from 10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. and Friday from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

For more information on jury service at the San Diego Superior Court, please visit