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Family Law Facilitator's Office (FLF)

The Family Law Facilitator's Office (FLF) provides help at no cost and answers family law questions for people who do not have legal representation. FLF staff includes attorneys, paralegals, and clerks with experience in family law who can help prepare court forms and provide general legal information. The FLF does not assist parents or parties who have an attorney of record on file. The attorneys at the FLF are not your lawyers, but are neutral court employees who do not represent any parent or party and may provide information and services to all parties in the case. The FLF is a self-help provider and cannot take responsibility for your case and cannot act as your lawyer. Individuals are personally responsible for all aspects of their cases.

Help is provided through walk-in assistance, workshops, and remote assistance. Please be advised that the FLF typically has a very high demand for services and there can be significant wait times. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Important: FLF staff cannot assist you with minor children present.  Please see the Children’s Waiting Room information below.


Family Law Facilitator
Resources & Assistance

Find information on how to request assistance with family law matters and sign up for video workshops. View articles, family law forms, frequently asked questions and important family law links.

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Online Guide & File

  • Request new or modified custody, visitation or child support orders in existing family law cases
  • Start a new divorce, legal separation or nullity case
  • Start a new parentage (paternity) or custody and support case

Law Help Interactive

California Court forms

  • Helpful information about the legal issues involved in court cases and links to fillable PDF court forms

Need to Start a New Divorce or Legal Separation Case?

Learn about the divorce process in California by visiting the Judicial Council of California’s Divorce or Separation Self-Help website and watch the FLF’s Dissolution of Marriage Workshop video, then refer to the FLF homepage to draft your forms and request a review.

Services Provided by FLF

Services NOT Provided by FLF

  • Assistance in choosing and completing forms for family law actions
  • Assistance and information regarding:
    • Child custody and visitation
    • Child and spousal support
    • Parentage actions
    • Petitions for divorce, legal separation, nullity, and dissolution of domestic partnership
    • Grandparent petitions for visitation
    • Service of process
    • Modifications of existing orders
    • Response to a court action
    • Formal orders after hearing and judgments
    • Guardianship actions
    • Joinders for custody in an existing family law case when the requesting party is a relative and has the child in his/her custody
    • Wage assignments in family law cases
  • Assistance with discovery *
  • Assistance with contempt forms *
  • Assistance with subpoenas/subpoenas duces tecum *
  • Most property division and property ownership issues
  • Assistance with trial preparation, except for brief explanation of process and forms
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)
  • Adoptions, including step-parent adoptions
  • Legal research or points and authorities
  • Enforcement, except for wage assignments in family law cases
  • Appeals or writs

*The San Diego Law Library has reference materials and self-help guides available in these areas. To view a list of FREE LEGAL WEBSITES compiled by the San Diego Law Library, see

Children's Waiting Room

Topics discussed at the Family Law Facilitator's Office may not be appropriate for minor children. While supervised children’s waiting rooms are available at each courthouse, space is limited and on a first come, first served basis. If you have minor children, you are encouraged to make other child care arrangements while visiting the facilitator's office. If your minor child does accompany you during your visit, please be advised that you may be asked to return at a later date if having your child with you makes it difficult to provide service.

FLF Court Locations

FLF offices are available in the Central Courthouse, as well as the North, East and South County Regional Centers. View detailed locations, hours and other helpful information.

To determine which FLF office to visit, check where to file your case.