When You Go To Court

Misdemeanors, felonies and warrants require court appearances.

Bring the following information with you:

  • Your case number
  • Proper identification, which may be one of the following.  Do not provide nicknames or aliases.
    • Driver's license
    • Social Security card
    • Picture I.D.
  • Copy of citation
  • Courtesy notice (appearance letter)
  • Receipts
    • Bail bond
    • Cash bail
  • Jail release papers
  • Check, cash or credit card to pay for fines and fees

Where to report:

  • Report directly to the courtroom to which you have been assigned.
  • Report to the Clerk's Office if your name is not listed on the court calendar for the day you are scheduled to appear.
  • Report to the Clerk's Office to appear in court on a non-calendared case.

For courtroom appearances, the following rules are enforced:


  • Shirts
  • Shoes
  • Cell phones must be turned off

Not allowed:

  • Tank tops and T-shirts
  • Food, drinks & chewing gum
  • Weapons

Defendants are advised to not bring:

  • Small children - some departments do not allow persons under 18.  (If you must bring small children, a Children's Waiting Room may be available)
  • Additional people - there may not be room for visitors in the courtroom.