Temporary Judge Program

Temporary Judge/Settlement Attorney Program

What is a Temporary Judge and/or a Settlement Attorney
A court-appointed temporary judge is an attorney who has satisfied the requirements for appointment under California Rules of Court, rule 2.812 and has been appointed by the court to serve as a temporary judge in that court. Settlement attorneys are attorneys who assist the court in settlement conferences.

Need for Temporary Judges and Settlement Attorneys in San Diego
As the second largest trial court system in the state and the third largest in the nation, the San Diego Superior Court requires the service of many temporary judges and settlement attorneys each month. The court utilizes them to hear various types of cases, including small claims, traffic, and probate, and to hear settlement conferences in family. Temporary judges and settlement attorneys can serve in various convenient court locations, including Central (Downtown), Kearny Mesa, South County (Chula Vista), East County (El Cajon), and North County (Vista). Evening scheduling may also be available for small claims and traffic cases.

Rules and Administrative Policy Governing Temporary Judges and Settlement Attorneys
The California Judicial Council, which governs all California state courts, enacted rules 2.810 - 2.834 of the California Rules of Court to govern the selection, training, appointment, supervision, and evaluation of court-appointed temporary judges. These rules formed the basis for the court's policy on temporary judges and settlement attorneys (SDSC Form #ADM-009).

Applying to be a Temporary Judge and/or Settlement Attorney
To qualify for appointment as a temporary judge and/or settlement attorney, an applicant must be an active member of the California State Bar in good standing for at least ten years immediately preceding appointment. For a complete list of requirements, please see:

  1. Temporary Judge and Settlement Attorney Policy (SDSC Form #ADM-009)
  2. Application to Serve as a Temporary Judge and/or Settlement Attorney (SDSC Form #ADM-153)
  3. Background Investigation Form Volunteers (SDSC Form #ADM-393)

Temporary Judge training courses may be found at the California Judicial Education and Research website. All applicants applying to be a Temporary Judge should complete the training prior to submitting an application. Once the application, training certificates, and background investigation form have been submitted, you will be directed to complete Live Scan fingerprinting through an authorized provider. All applicants will be required to successfully complete a background check with live scan fingerprinting, which checks the Department of Justice and FBI databases (at no cost to the applicant).

For more information about the court's Temporary Judge/Settlement Attorney Program, please contact the administrator at [email protected]

Full California Rules of Court

List of Temporary Judge-related California Rules of Court

Temporary Judge and Settlement Attorney Application Packet (SDSC Form #PKT-052)

Please submit completed applications to:

Temporary Judge Administrator
Superior Court of California, County of San Diego
Post Office Box 120128
San Diego, CA 92112-0128

Mandatory Training for Temporary Judge Applicants:


Email [email protected] to request inclusion to the email notification distribution list.