Juvenile Court Media Policy

Under California law, the Juvenile Court has a duty to protect the confidentiality of its records, courtroom proceedings, and most importantly, the identities of the children who are or may come under the court's jurisdiction.

The Juvenile Court also recognizes the news media's mission to inform and educate the public about the judicial system and how it works with child victims of abuse and neglect (who may be declared 'dependents' of the court) as well as youthful offenders (who may be declared 'wards' of the court). Responsible media coverage can facilitate public scrutiny of the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, thereby allowing the citizenry to evaluate the overall operations of the court and related agencies.

To maintain the confidentiality required by law, while at the same time ensuring the integrity of the courts through public monitoring, the Juvenile Court has a Juvenile Court Media Policy.

To request access to Juvenile Court proceedings, a media representative may contact:

Emily Cox

San Diego Superior Court

Public Affairs Office

1100 Union Street

San Diego, CA  92101


[email protected]